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Hotel Langenwaldsee in Freudenstadt Black Forest National Park with SPA at the lake

Ihre Gastgeber - Unsere Mitarbeiter Ihre Gastgeber - Unsere Mitarbeiter

Almost 100 years of history....

In former times there were several sawmills by the river „Forbach“ in this part oft he village, which was known as „Langenwald“.
This place is where the Walz Family came from, who began with the entertaining of strollers and hikers on Sundays before the Great War. The little wooden hut was built for this purpose at the lakeside.
There were also wooden rowing boats, which were made by craftsmen of Freudenstadt.

In 1925 the cafe and restaurant Langenwaldsee was built. The swimming pool Langenwaldsee was also built by the owners of the cafe in 1933.

The Langenwaldsee is owned by the family until today.
Thanks to the hard work and effort of four generations, the Hotel Langenwaldsee has its beautiful appearance.

Yours sincerely,

The Kaltenbach Family

<b>Ihre Gastgeber</b><br />Familie Kaltenbach mit Führungsteam
<b>Deborah & Christoph Kaltenbach</b>
<b>Ludwig Grätzer</b><br />Küchenchef
<b>Christoph Kaltenbach</b><br />
<b>Martina Schwarzwälder</b><br />Restaurant
<b>Sven Kaufmann</b><br />Restaurant
<b>Bianca Kaufmann</b><br />Restaurant

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